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    A crown is a covering that goes over a tooth and covers its visible part above the gum line. A crown encases the entire tooth, reinforcing its structure and improving its appearance. It works both as a restoration and a cosmetic solution to enhance your smile.

    Bridges are a popular way to fill the gap between missing teeth. Whereas a typical bridge consists of crowns on the adjacent teeth and a false tooth in between the two crowns, a cantilever bridge is different. Instead of being anchored to crowns placed on both adjacent teeth, the cantilever bridge is anchored by only one adjacent tooth. 

    How Are Crowns and Bridges Fabricated?


    When designing your restoration, we take several factors into consideration, including the shade of your teeth, the size, shape, and health of your natural teeth, and the location of the tooth to be restored. We also consider your personal preferences in terms of how you would like the restoration to look.

    Our dentist will then create a digital model of your tooth or teeth, which can be altered to create a smile that looks completely natural and allows you to feel comfortable and confident. The restoration will be created in a dental laboratory using this model within a few days. During the final placement, our dentist will check to ensure that the bite is correct and the restoration feels natural, and does not interfere with any surrounding teeth.


    Dental bridges are fabricated in much the same way as single crowns. However, since they are designed to replace multiple missing teeth, they are fabricated with prosthetic teeth and dental crowns that are placed on adjacent natural teeth. This restoration can be used to restore the appearance and function of your smile after tooth loss.

    What Are the Benefits of Crowns and Bridges?

    • Porcelain crowns are an excellent option to restore severely damaged teeth that have lost much of their structure.
    • Bridges are the simplest way to replace one or more missing teeth.
    • Crowns and bridges are long-lasting and very durable.
    • Both these restorations restore oral functionality and aesthetics.
    • They can be custom-fabricated from dental-grade ceramic and made to mimic the aesthetics of the adjoining natural teeth.

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