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    Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens patients’ smiles without having to use metal braces. The aligners are clear and removable, so you can take them out of your mouth and put them back in as needed, such as while eating or drinking. Since the aligners are made of smooth plastic, they are comfortable and will not irritate the inside of your lips and cheeks as traditional braces will. Additionally, Invisalign is almost completely invisible, so no one will know that you are wearing orthodontic appliances on your teeth unless you tell them.

    Treatment Procedure


    Our dentist can evaluate if Invisalign is right for you during your initial consultation. If it is, we will create a treatment plan for you that maps out how Invisalign will straighten your smile over the course of your treatment. You will then wear each set of aligners for two weeks at a time before switching them out for the next set in the series. Each set of trays gently moves your teeth closer to their final position to ensure that you end up with a healthy, straight smile at the end of treatment.


    Before beginning your treatment, our dentist will need to examine your teeth to make sure that there are no underlying oral health issues that need to be treated first. This will ensure that you are able to move forward with treatment without any complications along the way. Without addressing these issues, cavities or infections could worsen in the course of the treatment. By treating them beforehand, you will ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to receive the benefits of Invisalign.

    Are You a Suitable Candidate for Invisalign?


    Invisalign is a great choice if you have mild to moderate misalignment in your smile. If your smile is crooked or gapped, and you want a straighter smile without the hassle of braces, you may be a candidate for Invisalign treatment. However, it may not be the right treatment for patients with severe malocclusions or bite problems. When this is the case, we may recommend other orthodontic treatments such as traditional braces or ceramic veneers. We can help you determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign and talk to you about what you can expect from your treatment.

    The Benefits of Invisalign

    • The biggest benefit of Invisalign is that it isn’t nearly as visible as traditional braces are during treatment. While metal braces work through a system of brackets and wires, the Invisalign system uses clear aligners that are practically invisible to others, so patients don’t have to deal with feeling embarrassed about their appearance.
    • Traditional braces are also known to irritate the mouth and gums, which may cause discomfort to patients.
    • With Invisalign, you can remove the aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water, so you don’t have to worry about any food getting stuck in them. 
    • Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you can also take them out for special occasions.

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